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Package Wind Spinners - Hyper Splash (15 cm + 25 cm + 30 cm)

Colours: Bronze / Silver / Blue / Pink
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    Package: Hyper Splash 15 cm + 25 cm + 30 cm

    Colours available: Bronze / Silver / Blue / Pink

    (specify the selected colour set in the order form!)

    Model: Hyper Splash

    Category: Geometrical

    Available colours: Bronze / Silver / Blue / Pink

    Sizes: Small (approx. 15 cm) + Medium (approx. 25 cm) + Large (approx. 30 cm)

    Material: Stainless steel

    Every Spinner comes with a metal hook free of charge!

    In the package is cheaper! (180 PLN instead of 187 PLN)

    Wind Spinners in other words, marvelous ornaments made of stainless steel that move on the wind or with the help of a motor, they create an illusion of three-dimensionality. If you wish to learn more about them click here.

    See how some models of Wind Spinners look in motion!




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